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Region 10 South - Long MAT with cu's

Contest Day 1 saw another fine day of racing at SCOH with cu's and 6K tops. The task was a long MAT with 9 turnpoints allowing for all ranges of gliders and pilots to complete the task. Most made the first 5 turnpoints, which resulted in mid 50's for task speed.

FAI class saw Danny Sorenson - who drove al the way from Las Veags to fly the comp, KMI take the contest lead with 54.4 mph (58.8 raw), followed very closely by John Muray, LX with 54.2 mph (64.9 raw), and Jamie Shore, F8 with 52.8 mph (61.1 raw).

In Sports class the dynamic DUO flown by Keith Miller took the day with 53.8 mph (60.7 raw), with Stefan Schroth - who travelled here from Germany, NM taking 2nd place at 53.7 (53.6 raw), followed by Louis McIntire, 33V in 3rd at 53.5 mph (60 raw).

The day was another hot one and the swimming pool was at capacity with pilots and crews enjoying a cool off at the days end. A taco bar and brews rounded out the evening.


Tony Smolder


Posted: 8/3/2015


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