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Logan Mountain Flying Camp - Monday - Welcome to Pennsylvania

With rain pouring down outside the meeting hangar, we welcomed the pilots to Pennsylvania in honor of John Good who is in attendance.  It brought a few laughs and chuckles.  We don't have anything against that great state, we just aren't used to rain falling and causing us to have to cancel the day...

But then again, we really didn't cancel the day.  We spent some additional quality time in the classroom.  We heard close to 3 hours of very informative lectures on ridge flying, mountain hopping, and transition flying in and around the rocks.  Tim Taylor spent a significant amount of time preparing before hand for these lectures and it really showed.  We drank through a fire hose of information and we hope some of it will stick with us in the upcoming better weather days.

We are hopeful that the remaining 4 days of the camp will provide excellent opportunities to get out and really play in the mountains.  The winds are forecasted to be westerly and if they show up as predicted, we should have a LOT of fun and get in some great flights.  While it is always disappointing not to fly, we made the best of it today and came away having all learned a lot about mountain flying techniques and tactics.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 8/3/2015


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