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Region 10 South - Thumping, just like Uvalde

The Region 10S practice day saw Uvalde like conditions with high cu's and strong climbs. We have 5 pilots in FAI class and 11 in Sports class.

The day started out cooler than normal with a nice dew - which usually means cu! By launch time there were cu in the task area and the 1st launch saw 6K even before the launch was completed.

The task was a 3 turn TAT, keeping everyone in the south and west task area where the cu were. I flew as a coach in the backseat of the club's ASK-21 and can report that it was for sure a wonderfull racing day.

In FAI class LX, John Murray led the way with a 73 mph (61 hcp) winning speed, followed closely by F8, Jamie Shore with 68 mph (59 hcp), and in 3rd it was 67, Tom McKnight with 64 mph (54 hcp). 

In Sports class 33V, Louis McIntire won the day with 61 mph (54 hcp), followed by 2nd placing V2, Randy Hollenberg with 61 mph (54 hcp) only 4 pts less than 33V. 3rd place went to VL, Mike Sorenson with 56 mph (53.7 hcp) for 990 pts.

Everyone made it around and by 5:30 pm the pool was full of happy pilots enjoying an assortment of beverages compliments of Randy Hollenberg. Burgers on the grill by Robert Saucedo rounded out another spectacular day at the Soaring Club of Houston.

Tony Smolder

Posted: 8/2/2015


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