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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 7

Sunday, 2 August 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
Contest Day 7
“If I weren’t already home, I’d go home.”
“The day peaked at 1230.”
Today was another good looking day that didn’t quite live up to the advertising…
The sky looked great at noon time and the sniffers were reporting 4kts to 5000ft.  We launched early, both tasks opened before 1300, and most pilots were out on course in short order.  The weather was expected to be better to the south, so the task for both classes was a 3.5hr MAT to Buttonwood-Wellsville-Mt Pisgah-Blue Swan, with Millerton the mandatory last turnpoint.
Once again, great looking clouds yielded little to no lift.  There were a lot of low saves on the second leg in the Grand Canyon (Wellsboro) area.  That was also where we had our early landouts.  It was blue around the second turn, Wellsville, but pilots reported that lift was better in the blue than in the clouds.  The clouds were a little more reliable on the remaining legs.  Flying to Buttonwood and Wellsville took so long that most pilots used up their 3.5 hours and just decided to come home.  Only two pilots, 5E and SM, made it to all turnpoints.  
Erik Nelson [5E] wins the day in 15m with 52.11mph/213.04miles.  Phil Gaisford  [PG] wins again in Standard with 42.62mph/153.78miles.  Phil and Fernando Silva [FS] hold onto the lead in their respective classes.  
I keep forgetting to mention that we have a Finish Line at this contest, located at the south end of the field.  Pilots, ground crew, and spectators are really enjoying this feature!
SM Ground

Posted: 8/2/2015


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