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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 5

Thursday, 30 July 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
Contest Day 5
Today’s frontal passage was decidedly more assertive then the one earlier in the week.  Within a couple of hours we experienced moderate rain and then the wind shifted, the sun came out, and the cu popped. There was a stiff NW wind all day, which is really a treat this time of year.
We started the launch later than expected.  Finally the sniffers were reporting 3-4kts to 4300, so we got going at 1340.  Both classes flew to the same turnpoints – Grand Canyon-Swain-WatkinsGlen - but the Standard Class, which took off second, had a shorter time (2 hrs vs. 2.5 for 15m) and larger circles around the first two turnpoints (20 mi vs. 15).
The day looked much better than it was and no legs were easy.  Cloud bases were as forecast, but the lift was 2-3kts, half what was originally expected.  The wind ripped thermals apart and they were hard to center.  The winners didn’t thermal much and zig-zagged/S-turned through the cloud streets when possible (the streets weren’t really lined up with the course line today).  Both classes came back around 1700 with almost all pilots landing within a 15 minute time period.  The Juniors did an excellent job of getting gliders out of the way to make room for the next wave(s).
Phil Gaisford [PG] wins the day yet again in the Standard Class (55.07mph/116.57mi, handicapped) and continues to build on his overall lead.  Dave Springford [F1] smokes the 15m Class with 63.5mph/160.83mi.  Sergei Morozov [MS] still retains the overall lead but the race is a bit tighter in 15m.
Tonight we dined Italian at the Youth Camp.  It was a pleasantly cool evening and a perfect way to end the day.  Our good friend, Lori McCarron, has joined us for the next few days and we are happy to see her at the airport again!
SM Ground

Posted: 7/30/2015


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