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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI Class - Final

2015 Soar Truckee Region 11 Combined FAI Final Report

The contest started with practice days on 18 July with a TAT (Turn Area Task) to Chester & Air Sailing for a nominal distance of about 207 miles then on the 19th another TAT to Ravendale & Quincy for a nominal distance of 248 miles. The weather was good both days with 9 gliders flying the tasks.

The contest started day 1 in earnest on 20 July with 13 pilots in good soaring weather flying a TAT to Gerlach and Nervino. The day was won by Dennis Linnekin flying his ASG-29 with an actual blistering speed of 97.61 mph over 245.4 miles.

Day 2 started in marginal weather with a TAT to Rye Patch and AdamsPeak for a nominal distance of 258 miles. Twelve gliders were launched within about 35 minutes (plus one that self-launched) but the weather deteriorated with thunder, lightning, heavy rain and hail in areas near the gate. The task was called off but 6 of the 13 pilots got out on course and the other 7 landed back at Truckee. Two landed at Reno Stead, 3 at Silver Springs, 1 at Tiger Field. Although 6 were all at airports they required trailer retrieves because the weather was too bad for the tow planes to fly.

The morning weather was gloomy on Day 3. A poll was taken at the pilots meeting and the majority, being a bit gun shy following the Day 2 weather, voted not to fly.

Day 4 was a TAT to Topaz and Derby for a nominal distance of 244 miles. The day started well enough with cloud bases of about 13,500 and good lift. However in the vicinity of the second turnpoint the weather weakened necessitating staying high. Some pilots did not stay high resulting in landouts at Derby, Tiger Field, Carson City, Stead and  Jon Fitch starting his motor to get back to Truckee. Luke Ashcraft landed at what the chart lists as DryLake but with all the rain it was very wet requiring a retrieve the next morning with 7 strong men to lift the glider out of the mud. Bill Gawthrop won the day flying his JS1-B with an actual speed of 88.440 mph over a distance of 301.3 miles.

Day 5 was another TAT to NorthMonoLake and Air Sailing for a nominal distance of 260 miles. The soaring weather was good and David Greenhill won the day flying his Discus 2a with an actual speed of 87.44 mph over a distance of 278.55 miles.

Day 6 was again a TAT to Topaz and Air Sailing for a nominal distance of 166 miles. Steve Koerner won the day flying his ASW-27 with an actual speed of 75.41 mph over a distance of 173.12 miles.

The overall winner was Bill Gawthrop with 3,710 points followed by David Greenhill with 3,583 points and Steve Koerner with 3,215 points.

This is the 4th year for this contest at Truckee. Participation has increased each year reaching 13 this year and were it not for 3 people who registered needing to withdraw for personal reasons we would have had 16. We were able to launch all 13 in about 35 minutes each day and a 20 pilot contest next year is not out of the question.



Posted: 7/30/2015


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