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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 4

Wednesday, 29 July 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
Contest Day 4
“That was a long day”
“How do you guys manage to pick the turnpoints where the blue holes will be?”
“Could we have a day where we are not constantly changing gears?”
Today was hotter, hazier, and more humid than the previous couple of days and the winds turned southwesterly.  The forecast for lift and cloudbases was similar to yesterday with an extra factor: high cirrus moving in ahead of the approaching cold front.
The task for both classes was a 3 hr TAT: Dansville-Westfield-Towanda with 15 mi circles around all turnpoints.  We launched the fleet by 1300 and most pilots started as soon as the task was open.  Cloud bases and lift weren’t quite as good as yesterday but, like yesterday, pilots reported a mixed bag: nice big cu  produced weak lift while wisps yielded 6kts, problems connecting with the lift (get high and stay high), blue holes at the turnpoints (although there was some moderate lift in the blue).  The cirrus shadows also impacted lift strength.  A few of the top pilots, including mine, got caught low in the high ground around Hornell and could never dig out.
The scoreboard was shaken up a bit today and we have two new day winners: Luke Szczepaniak [2W] in the 15m with 58.52mph over 186.79 miles and Jim Lee [1X] in the Standards with 49.79mph/155.32mi (handicapped).  Sergei Morozov [MS] and Phil Gaisford [PG] retain the lead positions, but there is plenty of contest to go…
SM Ground

Posted: 7/29/2015


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