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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Trivia...Still Crazy After All These Years

Which four pilots competing in this year’s 15m/Standard Nationals also competed in the 1970 Standard Nationals?
John Seymour, flying 6Mike (Ka-6E), placed 3rd overall.  The Ka-6 is still in the family; nephew Matt flew it to victory in the Region3 at Dansville NY a few years ago.
Mike Opitz, flying RomeoOscar (Ka-6E), finished 9th overall.  Acquired by his father Rudy in 1952, the RO call letters have been in the family for 60+ years!
Roy McMaster, flying 6Baker (Libelle), 12th overall.  He purchased his more well known Cirrus, EM, a year or two later.
Karl Striedieck, flying ZeroZulu (Ka-8B), 20th overall.  That Ka-8 was also the ship Karl flew for his early record ridge flights. 
…And a shout out to Chip Bearden, who wasn’t at Elmira in 1970, but who did fly the first 15m Nationals in 1976 at Bryan OH, his first nationals, finishing in 7th place.
The next trivia question is:
George Moffat won every day but one at the 1970 Standard Nationals.  Who won the one day George did not?

Posted: 7/28/2015


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