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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 1

Sunday, 26 July 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
Contest Day 1
The forecast called for a weak cold front to slowly work its way through the area today, but the models did not agree on when or how quickly it would move.  The day could really go either way.  So we gridded up and waited to see how it would play out.
There were flat cu around the clock by mid-morning and towering cu by early afternoon, with a brief shower on the Hill.  Sniffers were reporting cloudbases at 4000-4500ft and very weak lift so we didn’t start the launch for a couple of hours (at 1400).  The task was changed twice, devolving into a 1.5 hr MAT with Avoca the mandatory first turnpoint and Caton the mandatory last, steering turnpoint.
We experienced a significant rain storm on the Hill prior to the 15m task opening, but the pilots were able to keep away from it and make their starts. The run up to the Avoca area was relatively problem-free but it was raining over Caton by the time the Standard guys needed to go there and the air was dead by the time the 15m guys needed to go there.  The trick today was to be patient and get high enough to waft into Caton and then waft back to the Hill.  Costas (Painted Post) received the most “visits” (landouts) today from pilots trying to make the last turn. A few others, including my pilot, landed in the high ground near Caton.
Hank Nixon [OH] likened the day to “a bag of mostly rotten cherries and you are trying to find the three good ones left”, but he won the Standard Class with a handicapped speed/distance of 48.80mph/75.14mi.  Erik Nelson [5E] takes first in the 15m with 52.30mph over 102.60mi.
SM Ground

Posted: 7/26/2015


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