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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Practice Days 1 and 2

Friday-Saturday, 24-25 July 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
Practice Days 1 & 2
Greetings from Elmira NY and the 15m/Standard Nationals!
It’s been a wet summer here in the Northeast, with measurable rain every few days, so the soaring hasn’t been exactly stellar. This past week we finally caught a break, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Practice Day 1) were perceptively drier and very pleasant – a record of sorts for this summer.
CD Monty Sullivan called a three hour TAT for Practice Day 1: Bristol-Wellsville-Mt Pisgah with large circles. There were some soft spots and blue holes, but the day was an overall pretty good one, with 6000-7000ft cloudbases and 3-4kt average lift (with an occasional 6kt).
Strato-crud moved in by late Saturday morning, Practice Day 2, and there was a brief shower early afternoon. A few pilots took tows, but no one stayed up for more than a half hour. The excitement of the day was sniffer Moe Acee [AC] making a “high-speed” pass in his Discus…with the engine running!
Most of the ~40 contestants have arrived and the mandatory meeting was held this evening at the National Soaring Museum. We have a roughly even split of 15m and Standard class entries, which is nice to see.
Richard Kellerman is our remote weatherman for this contest, with Tim Welles [W3] serving as his mouthpiece at the pilots meetings. A cold front is slowly working its way through the area (it’s raining right now) and Sunday is iffy for a contest day. But a big High is expected to move in behind the front and Monday through Wednesday should be good.
SM Ground

Posted: 7/25/2015


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