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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI Class - Tuesday


Truckee – 10 mi radius

Rye Patch – 30 mi radius

Adams Peak – 30 mi radius

Truckee – 2 mi radius



E4 and GW did not launch

Rain started around mid-launch

**See Soar Truckee on Facebook for pictures**



1A, C6, L6, DL landed at Truckee not long after the gate opened, with DL landing at the peak of the hailstorm.

The six landouts were as follows:

  • 16 in Tiger Fields

  • 22T and SNO in Stead

  • SD1, E5 and 5K in Silver Springs

All of the landed-out gliders had to be ground retrieved due to OD, which made aero-retrieves unavailable from Truckee. Pilots who had earlier landed at Truckee, as well as members of the ground crew, quickly volunteered to get the landed-out pilots and their gliders – “No pilot left behind.”


Winner’s Speech

No winner, as the day was not counted.

Posted: 7/21/2015


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