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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI Class - Monday


Truckee – 10 mi radius

Gerlach – 30 mi radius

Nervino – 30 mi radius

Truckee – 2 mi radius



  1. Dennis Linnekin

  2. David Greenhill

  3. Bill Gawthrop



Launched in 36 minutes with 3 tow planes

**See Soar Truckee on Facebook for pictures**





Winner’s Speech

Dennis Linnekin – “I thought that, generally, I’ll stay over the highest terrain and under the best clouds, and that worked. Then I saw two gliders out ahead of me, and I thought I gotta see who that is. And 30 minutes later, I still couldn’t tell who that was, but those guys made me fly faster. Turns out it was Bill and Luke. We got out there short of Gerlach and got a good climb there, then went out to Nervino and west of Nervino – I had to go a little west for time. There’s that steep peak there, and on the shallow part of that I found a really good thermal that got me to final glide and I came home… [The average of that thermal was] 12 knots, I think. Somebody wrote to me and said I made 12 turns and climbed 7,000 feet. My tracker stopped working on the way out and now I know I’m supposed to call in and tell everybody that I’m okay. It’s so nice that there’s such a concern. Usually where I fly, there’s no concern. [Laughter].”

Posted: 7/20/2015


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