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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Fifth and Final Day Pre Launch

We just finished the 1000 am pilot's meeting.  The USAFA Sailplane Racing Team is standing down today so we will fly without them but they will be out this afternoon to share the awards meal with us.  We get spoiled because the Cadets add so much energy and aid at Air Sailing during the Sports Class Contest, so we will have to move the gliders to the grid without their help.  We will have to push the sailplanes into position by ourselves, move them up by ourselves as the launch progresses, and then when the landings start maybe we'll have some Cadets here to help us out.  If you haven't been at a contest with the USAFA, maybe you'll get lucky someday and get to see them in action.  It makes you proud to know that such a great group will be joining our military.

DL changed his turnpoint order from yesterday's MAT and that put him into a 66 point lead over 2TI.

Today's Task A is a 2.0 hour TAT to Mineral Peak on the Pinenuts with a 25 mile radius.  Then it will be back to Flanigan with a 15 mile radius.  Task B is a MAT with Tracy Power Plant as the first turnpoint.  JJ is concerned about an overcast condition he found on Dr. Jack coming east out of the Carson City area. 

Many thanks to our contest manager, Rob Stone, to our scorer, Marye Anne Read, to our task advisors, DL and JJ, the many tow pilots (all of our launches have been under the one hour limit) and to the volunteers who have helped out.  One such volunteer is Cade.  We soloed Cade here under our scholorship program with North Valley High School and this December he will start his application process for the Air Force Academy.  Who knows?  Maybe in a few years Cade will be fortunate enough to fly here as a member of the Academy's team.


Posted: 7/18/2015


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