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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Two Land Outs Today

That cell stayed away from Air Sailing but remained a factor because it was in the way of direct routes to the south.  Some pilots elected to remain northwest and some came back around to the east of it.  One land out was near Constantia earlier in the day and the other was at a mountain top private airport later in the day.  Looking at the score, DL is only 35 points in front of T21 in the cumulative column.  DL said that he had a ball and had seen country he'd never seen before and clouds that were fascinating.  T21 won the day with DL in second and JJ following.  Tomorrow will be a short task so that we can get everyone back for the awards super, but it will be long enough to give Keith in 2TI a chance to slip one over on DL.  JJ also likes to put on some extra speed on the last day.  It will be fun.

Posted: 7/17/2015


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