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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day Four with the fleet in the air

Today was going to be a MAT to a turnpoint southeast of Air Sailing but the lift didn't look promising in that direction so DL and JJ agreed to change to task B, still a MAT, but to Constantia out to the west, with 2.5 hours on course.  The launch was good to Dogskin Mountain due to a fairly strong east wind with no relights and they have all started.  There is a big cell just north of Lake Tahoe but it doesn't seem to be moving.  The forecast calls for westerlies for landing so we'll see if the storm moves by then.  There is development along the eastern edge of the Sierras and I imagine that today's winner will have gone south to start.  The sky appears soft towards Sunsanville.  Now I'll go outside and watch that cell and then come inside and look on Bing and then the Weather Channel App.  You know how it goes!  There is plenty to keep an eye on while the ships are in the air.


Posted: 7/17/2015


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