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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day Three at dark

We had a winner today.  Then we found that he had flown over Class C Airspace.  Now we have another winner for the day.  T21 came in first today followed by DL and DP.  The cumulative has DL in the lead with T21 in second and DP in third.

After launch today JJ and DL could see south towards the Pinenuts and they wanted to switch to task B which took the gang south to start with so that they could get in and out before any overdevelopment started.  At the end of the day many pilots said that Task B was the correct call.  It was a TAT that went to Rashachi Ranch with a turn radius of 30 and then back to Constantia (10 mile radius).  We need something to change the pace tomorrow!  What will that be?  As always, it depends on the weather.


Posted: 7/16/2015


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