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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day Three waiting for clouds

It is severe clear out there this morning at Air Sailing so we are waiting for some puffy clouds to magically appear.  They did show up yesterday and the local pilots had great flights.  Today's task is a 3.0 hour Turn Area Task (TAT) with the first turnpoint at Milford, on the south side of Honey Lake, with a 30 mile radius.  Then our fearless soaring group will fly south, southeast to Rosachi Ranch and on that leg they will have to chose to go east or west of the Reno Class C airspace.  If they go west of Reno they will have a great view of Lake Tahoe (That is the way I'd go, just for the scenery!).  There is a 30 mile radius at Rosachi Ranch.  The last leg is back to the Air Sailing Finish cylinder which has a one mile radius where the sailplanes should finish no lower than 500 feet AGL.  I looked outside at 1021 sun time (1121 Daylight Savings Time) and there were no clouds.  The trigger temperature is slightly higher today.

The Nominal distance is 231.9 miles.  The minimum distance is 117.2 miles.  The maxium distance is 349.8 miles.


Posted: 7/16/2015


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