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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day One is done

Arnie rules!  DP had an actual speed of 70.5 mph on course with 215.1 miles covered.  He was flying his ASW-20.  DL, who came in second, was five mph faster but he was flying an ASG-29 with 18m wings.  Third place went to T21 in an ASW-19B.  Several pilots reported that they got low near Yerington but there were no land outs.  The cumulus clouds were not all climbing to the heavens today.  Some of them looked flat and probably didn't have lift, but there were puffy tops in a few places, and all of these fine soaring pilots did very well to get back to air sailing at the end of the day.  We would be lucky to have the same weather tomorrow--we'll see!


Posted: 7/13/2015


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