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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Practice Day

This morning there was a high overcast at Air Sailing and I printed up a 2.5 hour MAT with Constantia, west of Air Sailing, as the first turnpoint.  As the day rolled on we could start to see blue sky to the south and southwest.  Stoney said that the Internet pictures showed clearing.  We waited.  The USAFA had their ships together early in the day and slowly others pushed out.  One motorglider did take off but came back due to lack of lift.  By 1430 it looked promising.  The sun came out and there were black bottomed clouds in the area and 2TI took to the air and released over the south end of Dogskin Mountain.  He climbed out!  Everybody who was still here launched so they are out doing what needs to be done on practice days.

It is supposed to dry out towards the end of the week.  Will we have enough lift to uphold our great contest results?  Stay tuned!

Leon "Lee" Edling, CD

Posted: 7/12/2015


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