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1-26 Championships - Additional Awards Breakfast Information

Traditional 1-26 Association Perpetual Traveling Awards were announced by our MC (and CM), Reba Coombs, at this morning's breakfast event at the Carson Valley Inn, and are listed in the Contest Results Section.


In addition to the 1-26 Association awards, we also received special Minden-Tahoe Airport awards which were announced by Airport Manager, Bobbi Thompson.  These trophies aren't travelling-style awards, so they are meant to be kept by each recipient!  They are in the shape of a blown glass egg, with swirly "thermal" bubbles inside.  Very cool!


  • First Place Individual: C. Robert von Hellens
  • Second Place Individual: Robert Hurni
  • Third Place Individual: James Slocum


  • First Place Team: Sazhin & Schwartz
  • Second Place Team: Johnson & Leal
  • Third Place Team: Spielman & Tax


Finally, special mention went to the person who best portrayed the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, "winning friends and influencing people" during his landouts:


  • Landout Ambassador: Bret Ebaugh


Congratulations and best wishes to all.  Looking forward to seeing you in New Mexico next year!


Submitted by Gary B. Swift

Posted: 7/10/2015


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