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1-26 Championships - 06JUL2015 Comments

06JUL2015: Bob Hurni won yesterday, and gave us his story this morning.  He had some trouble getting a good start and ended up over the field at 1500 feet, thinking about landing.  But then climbed out, and made it to Topaz ok.  Incoming weather prevented him from going directly into the circle, so he had to "sneak" into it from the side.  Then it was easy going back to the north.  Each time he would stop for a climb, he would look back to the south and see the looming overdevelopment, which spurred him to keep headed north to outrun the coming storm.


We also had three outlandings yesterday.  Taylor Phillips landed at "Topaz International," Bret Ebaugh landed at Desert Creek, and Daniel Sazhin landed in a field in Smith Valley.  Taylor's landing at Topaz was uneventful and he didn't have anything to say about it.  Bret landed at an immaculate 3000 foot gravel north-south private runway and was greeted by the owner with a cocktail!  (Bret seems to meet the nicest people when he lands out).  Daniel landed in a rye field, safely between two sets of irrigation lines.  With the help of Bob Templin and Ron Schwartz, they ended up pulling the glider about 1500 feet (uphill) to the trailer through sandy soil that was wet from rain.  Classic...


Today's task was a double pass up and down the Pinenuts (03Start SE - 25PinenutsS - 23PinenutsN - 25PinenutsS - 01Minden) with a 2 hour minimum.  Wx prediction was for light surface winds with more significant southerly flow aloft.  Local thermals were predicted to >13,000 feet, with better conditions to the south.  Overdevelopment was predicted, so we started the "conga line" at 1130.  Bob Von Hellens launched first and sustained ok, with increasing lift as he continued to climb east of the airport.  The grid was scrambled and the task opened at 1:25PM.  Most of them came back between about 2:30 and 3PM ahead of the OD.  Ron Schwartz was the last pilot to return - at just about 4:00PM, just in time to land and tie down before a downpour as thunderstorms from the south reached the field.


Summary provided by Gary B. Swift

Posted: 7/6/2015


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