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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning Report

Winners for yesterday:
HW Heinz Weissenbuehler   Got lucky.  If you've not flown in a thermal with SS or DB, you ain't done it.  Yesterday was awesome, but sky was blueing and there I was in SS and DB's wake trying to catch up.  after 1st turn they got 1000 ft. above me and so stopped in a 3 knotter, at Littlefield I went to back for just a couple of extra.  We cross a blue hold and DB is ahead and SS pushes and pushes, I'm with him.  I pull up slowing and there big wings just go for ever and I said now or never and went 90 degrees to Seminole and Denver City got to 5500 or 6000 and we find a 8 knotter and I went as high and I could.  We now have a new red-liner for Eta Biter.  Honor to fly Mr. Butler's airplane
18M: 7V  Ray Gimmey People who've flown with me for years know that I'm anti gaggle and I essentially flew yesterday by myself.  Lots of zig zagging,   Great thermal at start, then 8 to 10 knotter.  Should have gone higher, because then blue.  Cu's were pretty scattered toward Reese Aux.  got there 2000 above ground that got me to turn, then an 8 knotter that help me get to Intersection.  Weak, then lucked into another 8 knotter.  Turned Plains then got back with only about 1500 ft. over.  
US Club:  Garrett Willat  Everyone was playing start gate roulette and I tried to lure folks out, but no one took the bait.  Started with Bif and I figured with Bif and my handicap advantage I'd take it.  We pushed and pushed and our first climb about 7 knots as was the 2nd.  Into 2nd turn we caught up with others.  2nd turn kinda blue, so I let the others lead and I'd take the handicap advantage and then we split.  Went with clouds to third, followed clouds about 50% off course and lost them, figuring I'd see them later.  Saw Bif coming out of turn, so I clipped turn and followed him out.  Low at Eunice then WX found me a really good climb.  Thanks Bif and Walt for dragging me along.
Today: the forecast for today is less favorable; late start and lower cloud bases (8000 to 9000)  Threat of T-storms in the northwest task area as early as 2pm with 500 mb winds from the northwest, threatens cirrus blow off compromise of the central task area by late afternoon.  Some risk of local T-storms as early as 5pm.  All are on the same 3.5 hr. TAT with close in turn points
Grid: 12:30 expect 1st launch 13:00

Posted: 7/2/2015


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