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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning report

Open DB Dick Butler I'm sure you all have interesting stories about yesterday, challenging for everybody and me.  I started early, went west route to Portales and past while continuing to look to Muleshoe, looking for obvious place to turn.  Headed to Muleshoe at about 9,000 and started playing the video game as to how deep to go into the cylinder, turned and went to Tokio, thinking I was looking at a really good climb to touch cylinder at Crosswords, but it didn't happen.   Really still air, went close to Tatum where, if I had to, I could land the plane.  Came home slow speed.
18M XG Jerzy Szemplenski   Tow pilot tried to lose me on the tow.  1st run I got  close to DB and went with clouds, found first blue hole past Lovington,  Pushed a little a harder, saw wisps at 2nd turn then they disappeared and more blue.  I was very happy to have some open class gliders with me.  Went to middle of Muleshoe, touched the last.  Spent much of the day in the blue. My last climb was 4 knots. ....still I barely made it home!
US Club  TS1 Tony Smolder  This was the contest that almost didn't happen to me.  I had mic problems before I left.  We had a broken trailer tongue and it took me 3 days to get here from Houston.  Thanks to my wife, Susan for spend our anniversary here with me.  Thanks to all the contest personal.  Thinks the Club class is a super class to fly in.  It could have easily been Boyd Willlat talking as we were right together.  We were last class to launch so anxious to get going.  Got a nice 3.5 climb and flew to the west of first course line.  Went to tiny cloud toward Muleshoe and found some gliders up ahead and found key climb to get to 2nd.  Then nothing much til I found a dust devil and then cu-alto's to Plains, where I saw a lot of low gliders.  I got lucky to get high enough to get final glide.
Today. Weather today resembles yesterday with tops of thermals about 9,500.  It's likely to be mostly or all blue thermals.  Winds are light, southerly.  No significant risk of T-stoms.  
Task A for all classes is an assigned task, essentially in the same area that was found to be the most difficult yesterday.  Lift 3.5-4.5 knots, best 7knots.
Grid time: 12:00  expected first launch 12:30.


Posted: 7/1/2015


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