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2015 Nephi OLC/XC Camp - Day 4

The weather continues to deliver excellent conditions.  Forecast was for overdevelopment in many areas but an open slot between Nephi, east, south to the Richfield area and approximately 50 miles east of Delta.

Same task was called for the Sports and FAI classses with 3 hours for Sport and 3:30 for FAI.   Some grumblings from the FAI folks that they would have to use the whole tasking area and YUP they were right and they finished early.

FAI class speeds of 85+ MPH with Sports Class in the high 60's or low 70's.  Hearing great stories of 'I completed my first task today', 'upped my longest distance' and ' I feel doing 500K flights in Nephi is to easy.'

The NWS in Salt Lake has changed the forecast for the rest of the week to keep moisture in the area so we are hoping to have continued cloud filled skies and good soaring conditions.

For Monday we had 45 pilots log flights to OLC with more than 18,700 Kilometers flown. 


Posted: 6/30/2015


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