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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning Report

Sunday's winners:
Open Class DB Dick Butler  Assigned legs were  pretty straight forward  The challenge for me is having to go from an assigned task to essential OCL task. I had to consider risk versus rewards.  From Lovington things look good to north, but to commit to there contained some risk.  I therefore went South where I had less risk.
18M  Ray Gimmey 7V  Fairlly straightforward 1st leg beautiful clouds and lots of gliders.  I ran to the newer looking clouds.  After I turned Jal I began to worry what I'd do after Lovington and when I got to Lovington, I really wondered what to do...so I went south to Eunice and had a good run.
Club;  Garrett Willat spent the 9:30 training session describing good tactics for MATs, including preplanning your course before the flight and being decisive about decisions.   He had a good run around the required points and  out of Lovington was with UN, with 9 on the averager.  They went back kind of in the direction they'd come from it was a matter of picking the best clouds.....
A large scale T-storm system(MCS) passed through last night leaving behind an early morning cirrus overcast.  Skies have now cleared and the forecast for Hobbs and northern task area is for thermals with cu bases around 10,000 possibly blueing out during the afternoon.  Winds are light, southeasterly and the risk of T-storms in northern task area is minimal.  We have all assigned tasks to Portales, Muleshoe, Tokio, Crossroads for Open and 18M's.  Same except for Crossroads for the Club.
posted by Leigh


Posted: 6/30/2015


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