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2015 Nephi OLC/XC Camp - Day 2 Update

Sorry for the lack of reporting, just getting caught up after Day 2 launch.  Performed 51 launches today in 3 groups; 2 sniffers, 20 in group 1 and 29 in group 2.   Group 1 done in 35 minutes and Group 2 in 1 hour.  One relight today.

Two tasks for today; Sports is a ~250KM 2.5 hour task and FAI is a ~500KM 3.5 hour task.


we are working on getting the tasks uploaded to the SSA site so they show up on the  tracking system.  However it appears that many folks while doing the task today are extending their flights to take advantage of the fabulous conditions.

Record heat within the tasking area, top of lift 18K+ and cloud base even higher.  Appears we will have these conditions through Tuesday or longer.

More later and will try to update the FB page.

Posted: 6/28/2015


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