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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning report

Open:  Dick Butler (DB) because of uncertainty in the wx. I wanted to start as early as possible and did so just after opening.  Looking toward Jal could see little T-storm just south.   good run to Andrews and Lovington, then things got tough with wet ground, so was cautious.  Seagroves was good and pretty good from there to home.
18M: Ken Sorenson (KM) Paid tribute to Denise Layton, who's been with SSA for 28 years, who's stuck with us through tough times and largely the reason we still get to fly at Hobbs.  
"I did what Dick did but wasn't smart enough to leave early.  By the time I got to Andrews the first time, I had been flying for 1.5 hrs and was exhausted.  Did OK though, made it around and came on home"
US Club: tie:  Sean Franke had a bad first start, went S. for 7 miles and came back and made a start at almost 2pm and it was a good one, found 9 knotter.  Never got low.  Had to go around a big blue hole and got around and found another nice one to get home
Daniel Sazhin.  Thanked the administration, gave a bottle of wine to Edre and thanked and his club for lending him glider and SSA for rebate for Jrs.  Very straightforward day til the last run and just got lucky....

Today: Thermals today should be 500 to 1000 ft. higher than yesterday and probably a little bit stronger. 20% chance of small T-storms in northern task area, dryer to the south.  Some cirrus over the northern task area this morning expected to thin and move SE.  Winds should be 10-12 knots SE.   4-5 knots today, best 7 knots.

posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/28/2015


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