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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - End of contest day

SS Ron Tabery-a little frustrating in that you knew good climbs were out there and you found one and then the next was not so good.  I just tried not to be low.  I got down to 2000 near Maybe Ranch once.  The decision to go back of 1st turn was good,  Andrews was good and I went almost to Lovington airport, but it was soft, cirrus sorta shut it down.  You could  still find climb, but nothing great.  Over towards Seagraves was actually good, good big fat juicy clouds.
I thought it was a busy task.  Penalized you if you got off course because legs were so short, but given the area we had to work with , pretty good call.
89 Rick Indrebo-Mediocre day for me.  I didn't get low.  I went below 2000 ft. the last 2 days, so I was careful not to be below 2700.  1st leg good, nice streets.  Then typical pull up to a great thermal and when you turn it was gone.  Stayed high and on the way back I was just a little over time and the cirrus had moved over.  Had company to climb back up, slowly and come home.
Good call.  We were able to use clouds and stay away from shaded ground, but still pretty challenging 4 hrs.
UN Mike Westbrook-Consistant, 1st turn was best area for me and the other turns, just able to nick and come in on time.  
Good call  ended up being better than I expected.  I had to watch out for cirrus and take advantage of good soaring weather.

Posted by Leigh  There must have been a bug migration today, I've never seen so many bugs on SZ's wing.  SS said, "be prepared for a bug bonanza".


Posted: 6/27/2015


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