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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Late afternoon report

contest day for Club Class only

JP Boyd Willat- Good day, good run but only a few miles into first turn.  Really good run on the eastern edge of the clouds at 2nd turn, nicked it.  Found a 12 knotter out of 2nd and decided to stay the farther east lower route and went to back of last turn, then got slow and low coming home.  Great call  at the beginning I thought too ambitious, but worked well.  2.5 hrs. perfect.

HA Sean Franke  - It was an ok day.  Didn't get stuck or low.  Went at least third, almost 1/2 into 1st turn, then 2nd just a few miles.  The last turn I went almost half way and came home a minute under 2.5.  Good call.  Walt the wx. man has been right on every day.

WX Walt Rogers - about a 3 knot day a few 5 or 6.  Bases were 9,500.  Barely went into first 2 turns, then bases went up to 10,500 and good run up to Tatum and back.  Edge of the blue, got low.  Blue to NE and Blue further south, just as forecast.  

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/26/2015


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