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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning report

Yesterday from the winners:

Opens:Ron Tabery (S) - Everything worked, straightforward first leg, second leg was weaker and stayed high, later found 10 knot thermal out of second turn area and didn;t get low again, went back to thrid turn area in Wink to make time, and coming home it started to get soft, 

18 M:Jerzy Szemplinski (XG) - started with large group of gliders and first leg was around 95 knots and went to back of first turn area, second leg was terrible and very hard, clouds didn't work very well after second turn, 
Club:Bif Huss (H7) - thought it was a good day, started early and had a good run into back of cylinder, second leg was harder and got down to 1500 AGL, found 4-5 kts to cloud base, stayed connected and came home.
Today'sWeather report - Day for getting a launch and going, northerly flow aloft that brought in a weak frontal boundary.  HRRR model shows area with showers forming. North looks clearer but stable, showers and possible storms to the south and east.  Models forecast a later trigger time.  Where its good, it will be good, but there will be big holes,   Cloud bases to 11,500 MSL, strong conditions outside showers and thunderstorms, average lift of 5.5 kts
Tasking for today - Turn area tasks for all classes, 5 different task possibilities, grid time at 12:00, first launch at 12:30 

Posted: 6/26/2015


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