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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Days end

7K-Mark Keene Good and not so good.  First leg was gangbusters, 2nd leg frustrating, 3rd leg maddening, and 4th leg like it should have been the whole day.  I never got terribly low, but I did go to a lot of clouds that didn't work.  The last thermal of the day was 7 knots on the averager.  Good call.

T21 Garratt Willat. " Wow, it was a challenging day, not straightforward.  I got under 1000 feet at LaMesa.  You will not believe how big those windmills are up close"  Good call, wx was close to prediction.

VJS, Steve Leonard. Tough day.  felt disconnected all day.  there didn't seem to be any climb and cruise; never got low.  Good call.



Posted: 6/25/2015


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