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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - Morning report

Yesterday's winners:  DB Opens-complemented WX on yesterdays Wx. forecast. After flying in similar conditions on the 1st day, DB shifted gears and slowed up in the Plains area.  The clouds lined up so nicely on the trip home, he just bumped along to finish.

XG 18M  His first leg was "low and slow", 2nd fast, 3rd terrible, 4th OK.  Too many clouds and too many choices!

RF US Club.  Started at the right time, stayed high and spent about 21% of the day circling.


The CD has assigned area tasks for all classes.  Today's weather is very similar to yesterday with cu topped thermals bases 10,000.  Winds 5k less than yesterday.  There is a slight chance of T-storms 50 miles to the north with the potential for some blow off. 


Posted: 6/25/2015


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