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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - End of Day

WX-Walt Rogers.  It was a tad softer today; seemed as if  4K lift was much more common.  I had a hard time getting up at the start.  I worked a high level band after I started.  I had no 7K climbs, a couple of 5-6.  Bases early were 8,500, then went up to 9,500 to 10,000.  The call was OK.  I flew better today than yesterday.

DT-Dave Coggins.  The first leg into the wind was a little challenging.  Coming out of the 1st turn I went about 20 degrees easterly to a good cloud street, where I saw DB.   I got a little low at Levelland, but found a nice one west of turnpoint and again at Tatum I got down to 5800.  The call was challenging, especially out of Big Springs, but a good call.

All pilots are accounted for.


Posted: 6/24/2015


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