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18 Meter, Open and US Club Class Nationals - End of Contest Day

Per H7, Biff Huss:  It was good, but windy.  Winds kinda kept it from being a GREAT day.  You didn't want to get low because the winds were choppy.  I got low a couple of times and couldn't stay connected all the time with the clouds.  The Open class guys went over the top of me and had no problems.  I probably started too soon as it got better.  Even later there were still clouds, but widely separated.  Fields are wet.  It was a good call.

Per 7T, Sean Fidler The day was good, 4-6 knot thermals up to 9000 towards the end, not every cloud worked and had to deviate to find the right clouds, flew half the day at 120knots and P7 and XG were still pulling away.  Perfect call for the day.




Posted: 6/23/2015


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