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Region 2 North - Morning Report Day 4

First off, my report last night failed to do justice to the dinner provided by the Aeroklub Wurtsboroski. My spelling of the various dishes and treats we were served would also be off the mark. I will just say the dinner was great and the numerous deserts were even better. A big thank you to our hosts!

Also yesterday's pilots' meeting included a comprehensive review of trailer issues. What to do each year, what not to do, and why, generated attention and a good amount of discussion. Thank you to Chuck Waldo for a better safety briefing than I have heard in a long time!

Enough stalling. Sitting in on the morning meeting of task advisors and CD I am hearing comments like "there is not enough energy in this air mass to break wind." So far the outlook is not promising. You have to know when the advisors have a horse in this race; could use another day; and say things like that; it is not looking good for Day 4! Having said that it looks like we will give it a try as they attempt to construct a reasonable task for conditions.


Posted: 6/14/2015


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