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Region 2 North - Morning Report Day 3 Do Over

Yesterday we didn't fly a task but we sure did celebrate Peter Teuber's birthday!

It started with a couple of pony kegs so that we could cool off and watch Uncle Hank do his magic on not one but three gliders. He makes it all look so easy! At the same time Roman Michalowski kept us engaged as he crawled under his 28 working on a transponder antenna installation. You can imagine how appreciative they were for our helpful coaching and comments.

Then Peter's wife Candice and son Lucas arrived with balloons, presents (seriously the guy gets to enjoy his birthday at the airport participating in R2N and he gets presents too!?) as well as chicken and ribs, salads, and more pies than we could possibly eat. What a terrific end to a hot humid non contest day! Thank you Peter, Candice, and Lucas.

Now for today...we awoke to spectacular wave clouds over the field, but that was at dawn. The current forecast suggests that we will grid, launch, and then probably fly. Could be good or not, but at least it shouldn't be as hot on the grid. Tasking calls for Monument, Orange County, Piolis, Sullivan County, and home...four corners from Wurtsboro all with big enough circles to allow for better or worse conditions as the day develops.


Posted: 6/13/2015


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