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Region 2 North - Day 2 - Evening Report

Well we flew on Sunday! Things started a little slow but soon enough the day developed.

18 pilots launched in the Sports class with 17 going out on course and completing the task earning speed points. Unfortunately one glider was slightly damaged when a wing was dropped during the de-rigging process. Uncle Hank will be busy in the shop this week in order to have that ship back to race next weekend!

The Bus class did not fare so well with 5 pilots going out on course but only 2 completing the task. Team P3 (yesterday's winner) landed out in the hang glider landing zone resulting in a ground retrieve (now Erik knows who his true friends are) as well as a narrowing of their lead in the standings!

We are all back in the real world for a few days and looking forward to a second weekend of racing. If you are anywhere nearby consider coming out for the day to join us.


Posted: 6/7/2015


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