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Region 2 North - Day 1 - Weather by P3

About the best I can do is "not hopeless".    

Prefrontal with a cold front trying to get organized over the Great Lakes and a small, surface low over the mid-Atlantic coast.    A fair amount of moisture at the mid and upper levels backed up by the current satellite;   it's pretty much cloudy anywhere east of Ohio but with some small breaks. 
All of the TAFs and model output forecasts agree on a mix of clouds, light winds, and relatively low bases (3,000 broken seems to be about the most optimistic).  The one outlier is actually Accuweather, which seems to think we get a period of NWerly flow in the afternoon.  
Bottom line:  Probably gridable.  May be launchable.   Not likely to be taskable, but we probably need to give it a try. 

Posted: 6/5/2015


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