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Region 5 South - Contest day 3 - the late

Today was very different from out first 2 contest days - we started late and ended up finishing even later than expected. The wait on the grid was long.

Photo #12083 | Matt 67 crew and Ton

The morning weather was completely grey, with a low ceiling and almost no holes for the sun to shine through. The weatherman predicted a late day that will get better after 5 pm and he was right. We started seeing the sun around 10:30 am but it took a while to get some heat on the ground.

Photo #12079 | Scott Fletcher SF

The launch started around 2 pm, after the CD had a couple of pilots sniffing and reporting on conditions. The gates opened around 3:30 pm and the race finally started. We knew they were doing pretty well by looking outside and keeping an eye on the tracker. They started coming back around 5:15 pm, most of them with smiles on their faces, as the day did deliver the expected good weather towards the end.

Photo #12080 | Sarah and Jason Arno

We had 2 pilots landing out, but close to the airport, so the retrieves went smooth. One of the pilots landed close to the Home Depot parking lot, looking for tape probably. :) I was promised a picture of this and I will share it.

Today shuffled the podium a little with one of the pilots landing out and with some nice surprises.

An interesting day in Cordele today, with challenges and fun overall.

Posted: 6/4/2015


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