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Region 5 South - Contest day 1 - the ugly

I am writing this report with almost 2 days delay, as our first contest day was quite busy. The weather was not at it's best, with many areas with t-storms and plenty of challenges for our pilots. It was also our fist day with all gliders on the grid, but missing one tow-plane, so the launch took a little longer than expected.

The day totalled 7 land-outs, all pilots safe, but most of them without a crew, so our line crew and staff did a lot of retrieves. They all got to the field safe, although some pretty late in the evening. Some retrieves were over 1 h away and it was raining. Even though most pilots landed at an airfield, we could not send them a tow-plane because of the weather condtions.

The day ended with Mexican food and a birthday celebrated with mariachi, as you can see in the picture below.

Photo #12075 | Tim Larsen 1FL Los

Posted: 6/1/2015


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