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Region 5 South - Contest day 2 - the quick

Today's weather brief told us we will have another day of T-storms forming in the afternoon throughout the contest area, with more moisture accumulating and some cirrus influencing the amount of sun heating up the grounds.

Photo #12070 | Grid day 2 2015

The CD decided on a shorter task for today, 1h45m minumum time with Dawson and Sylvester as turn points, 15 miles radius each. Launch started promptly at 12:33 and the gates opened at 13:20 for Sports and 13:39 for FAI class.

As I am writing this the pilots are coming in, most of them already on the ground. We have 4 pilots landing out at airports due to t-storms present "all over the horizon, not easy to go around them". I would say a challenging day today, but not too bad. Quick though.

Keep an eye on the scores, they should be up soon.

Posted: 6/2/2015


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