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Region 2 - Day 4 and post race

Hi race fans,

Those of you who have read my reports in the past, know how much I hate this day, the last day of every meet makes me sad. The trailers all line up to go out the road and the airport, in one way or another, loses all the character it had and all the “characters” involved in this sport. That is what today held in store. For the 20th year in a row, I watched this happen and it is still the same empty feeling you get from losing an election. Neither of them feel very good at all.

The last day was one that separates the men from the boys in racing. When I asked John Seymour what his day was like, he said, it was blue……enough said. Turns out one of the few times the weatherman was completely right all week was on the last day. He pointed out that the dew points were a ridiculously low 25 degrees and there would be lift but the whole day would be blue. He was right. In talking to the pilots upon return most had the same view, it was good at times and bad even more. I had guys tell me that they managed 7,000 feet and then long runs of nothing. If fact, one guy who was at 7,000 feet some 50 miles from home, ended up on the ground and came home behind a tug. These are the kinds of days that usually shuffle the leader board, and that did happen. 

The only class that it did not was sports, the other 2 classes saw Day 3 leaders fall off the top and new leaders become contest winners. KS wins Sports, John Seymour wins 18 M, and John Good comes all the way from 4th on Day 2 to win the 15M FAI class. It was a very nice contest, well attended and flown in different conditions each day. We had 1 true thermal day with Cu, 2 ridge days with Cu to help and the dreaded blue day at the end to make everyone want to go home.

A short awards ceremony was held under the flag pole and the winners were awarded engraved glass vases and had photos taken. Shortly after with good byes all done, they left much faster than they came. The organizers and a few remaining racers had dinner in the MSA clubhouse and celebrated another successful race.

This is the 20th consecutive race held at this sight and the same 20 consecutive that I have helped with. The core group has remained pretty much the same, become very close and work very well together. We look forward to May every year knowing that we will be flying among friends again. There are many people to thank, so here goes. Karl & Iris Striedieck most gracious contest hosts. They set this all up, the rest of us just fill in the blanks. Peppi Sare, CD; Steve Glick, Ground operations, Paul Weeden, safety officer; Janine Acee, MSA\SM crew\do anything; Chris Groshel, Line; Frank Banas, Line; Jackie Dougherty, gate\communications and Fred Winter who does a little of all the above mentioned jobs. We can never say enough about what Fred does. Sometimes you think of needing something done, Fred reads your mind and has it before you can ask. Kudos to Fred. This year we had a new scorer and I cannot say enough about how well he did. Thanks to Rob Dunning for doing that all while flying too. Next year has not been set yet, as soon as it is we will let you all know.

Thanks to all who tuned in.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/23/2015


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