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Region 2 - Day 2 3

Greetings all,

I am going to do one posting to report on 2 days. It has been hectic and I slipped up several times on these reports, so here goes.

Wednesday was a day that looked good starting out and turned out to be not quite as expected. The forecast earlier in the week made soaring look great after Monday and throughout the rest of the week. As you all know I am sure, the long range forecast rarely turns out to be on the mark and more often than not, so does the daily forecasts. This is not a complaint, but merely an observation that is so true any time you fly.

All classes set out on TAT’s with modest 10 mile circles. You can see from the speeds that were posted that it really was rather good, though on the ground it did not appear that way at times. Anytime you have a winning speed in a class such as 15 M of 90 MPH in an unballasted contest, I think we know that most are happy. I did not get to talk to many pilots on their thoughts of this day, but I heard no grousing and groaning, so I will leave it at that.

Now on to Thursday. The morning meeting started with a weather report that claimed winds at 280-290 degrees all day and not overly strong but firing good ridge. When we moved to the grid, we saw some very worrying moisture moving in and all became worried. In fact, 1 sniffer went up, stayed on the ridge a while and then landed back. UGHHH, not what we expected at all. In fact, the launch got moved back several times and when it started it looked soft. As if someone had flipped a huge “go” switch, all changed in the course of about 15 minutes. It went from soft to gangbusters in a very short amount of time. The launches were sometimes tricky with loads of lift and sink all over. The secondary front had passed and we were sitting in very good air. The CD calls HW on the radio asking what is happening, he fires back with “things are improving RAPIDLY” Game on!!!! Sports and 15 M were on similar tasks, 18 M had some north south components in it to get the racers off the ridge a bit and add a challenge to the day. Soon after launch, the winds came up dramatically. So much so, that I put the 180 away and told the retrieve office that I would give no aerotows unless the winds calmed some. They never did. The fun meter was pegged and last night I heard lots of groans about how turbulent the ride was and how high they had to stay off the ridge. This resulted in a long late day and lots of smiles from those who flew. The last finishers were not back until a little after 7:00 PM, in fact the day winner in 15 M was one of those late finishers.   

Today the winds have moved out and we are looking at a mostly blue day with lift predicted to 6,000 feet. I will report on who won and how the day was as soon as we have it in.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/22/2015


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