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Region 7 - Day 3

Day 3 – Friday.  Today was like day 2, but without any wind.  Strong lift went to 5,000 agl at launch and over 6,000 agl during the blue afternoon with lots of bumps and sink to keep the pilots on a three hour-TAT course.  Racing to the first turnpoint, Flying A, was fast and straight for almost everyone with just a few low saves, but the climbs were quick and so they were back on course at top speed.  The second leg up to Le Sueur wasn’t quite as good because high cirrus from the southwest began to the shade the ground, reducing the number of booming thermals on the way.  But there was just enough strong lift to finish this leg reasonably fast up to the area of lakes just before Le Sueur.  Most pilots turned here and managed to finish at minimum time.  Dave Springford won the day with Dick Andrews a close second.  And then, we finished a fast soaring day at the airport with a fine meal of Dungeness Crab.

Posted: 5/22/2015


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