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Region 2 - Pre Race at Mifflin

Greetings to everyone from wonderful Central Pennsylvania.


I am reporting on the racing adventures here at Mifflin. Unfortunately, there has been little to report so far. We assembled all the racers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as the field was filling up with every car and RV that came up the road. As has been the case the last few years, we are slow to get started due to the weather deciding to turn sour just when the fun is set to begin.  This is the way of contests, we can’t control the weather, we just fly in it.

As I write this on Monday morning we can see the good stuff coming. The humid thunderstorm laden air we are sitting in is soon to be swept out by a cold front that should dry the air and give us the soaring that everyone came for. Looks like that period starts tomorrow and Hank Nixon spoke of possible ridge flights on Wednesday.

In looking over the entrants list, there are 33 people signed up in 3 classes. The practice day on Saturday, was weak and humid, but lots of people took tows and meandered around looking the area over. 

That evening the mandatory pilots meeting and complimentary dinner was held. It was encouraging to see hands go up when it was asked who had never flown here before. We even had one gentleman say, well I am not new, but I have not flown here in 14 years. We welcome everyone and especially encourage those who have not been here in a long while to come join us again.

I will be reporting on all the news the rest of this contest. Please feel free to e-mail me with your compliments and even gripes if you have them.


Brian Glick



Posted: 5/18/2015


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