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Region 5 North - Contest wrapup

Though the morning weather forecast had some doubts, this proved to be the mostly trouble-free day that most Perry pilots were hoping for.  It was again severely blue, but neither wind nor cirrus clouds disrupted the thermal lift, and all but a half-dozen pilots completed their tasks.

Just prior to the evening barbecue dinner the contest was declared officially complete, a day ahead of schedule.  This decision was based on a hard look at the weather forecast for Saturday, which calls for almost certain rain – and also on the fact that most of our tow pilots (who also know how to check weather) have departed.

We finish with five champions in five classes, after 4 days of flyable weather.  The soaring was a bit short of normal Perry standards (which are high), but in a year of decidedly sub-par weather for the entire region this was the best week thus far.  To the extent that such a thing is possible, Rhonda and Al Tyler’s reputation for hospitality has been enhanced and you can be sure that most pilots are planning to return again next year.   

Posted: 4/24/2015


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