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Region 5 North - April 23 summary

Another tricky day at Perry.  The issue was cirrus clouds, which moved in from the west in bands that had a big effect on the amount of sun reaching the ground.  Where the cloud was thin, lift was consistently good, but as the afternoon wore on, thicker cloud predominated and put most pilots on the ground by 16:30.

Just two classes managed valid tasks.  The Sport class had 3 finishers (the only ones of the day) and enough pilots with the minimum distance (40 handicapped miles) to make the day valid.  In 18-Meter class, the final turn area proved impossible for everyone, but most pilots achieved the necessary minimum distance (50 miles).

It was a “dine on your own” night, which for many at Perry means a 25-minute drive west, to Aiken SC.  This is a quaint town of around 30,000 with a strong “horsey” emphasis (you pass lots of prosperous-looking horse farms on the way into town.  There’s a considerable emphasis on polo, the devotees of which apparently have no shortage of money*, and appetites sufficient to support a first-rate collection of restaurants.



* It’s said that a serious polo competitor needs a stable of a dozen or so horses, each of which can cost upward of a quarter-million dollars.  This is thus a sport that can make soaring look eminently inexpensive and sensible.

Posted: 4/23/2015


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