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Region 5 North - April 22 summary

It appears we can now declare the Southeast’s long period of “soaring-hostile” weather to be about done.  Today’s forecast was for another windy and blue day, but the wind proved less severe than expected, some sparse but useful cumulus clouds appeared, altitudes and thermal strengths were typically good (6-kt climbs to 7000’ were reported), and most pilots completed their tasks.  Speeds approached 60 mph for the long-wingers; to no one’s surprise, one very long winger (Concordia) turned in 63 mph.

The evening social event was the widely renowned Low-Country Boil, prepared by a formidable team of chefs and assistants led by Jim and Chris Stoia.  It’s a somewhat improbable mix of corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage, shrimp, garlic and secret spices that in skilled hands yields one of the most popular meals served at any soaring contest.  

Posted: 4/22/2015


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