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Region 5 North - April 21 summary

In sharp contrast with the past couple of weeks, today’s weather featured bright sun, warm temperatures and (despite abnormal amounts of recent rain and standing water in low areas) barely a trace of cloud.  But the troublesome weather had clearly resolved not to give up without a fight, and today the issue was wind. 

At Perry International Airport it was quite manageable, being straight down the (luxuriously long and wide) runway.  But at all altitudes it was strong enough to shred thermals and make upwind and crosswind legs a struggle.  A few pilots were able to “get high and stay high”, but most had some problems and only about half managed to complete their tasks. 

Speeds reflected the problems: anything close to 50 mph was good.  Long wings were at least as helpful as they usually are, but even Dick Butler flying the mighty Concordia (without waterballast) managed just 56 mph.  

Posted: 4/21/2015


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