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2015 Seniors Soaring Championship - Mar 20 Report

Today was the 12th straight soarable day in central Florida, which is possibly a record for Senior Contest weather.  It is certainly remarkable for 2015, which until pilots began assembling in earnest for this event had seen about the worst winter soaring weather in anyone’s memory.

It’s fair to note that today was not the best of this stretch of weather.  We had a very late starting day that taxed the patience of our sniffers (Dave Nadler and Hal Loken) and led more than a few to question whether a task would be possible.  But around 2pm soaring conditions went from desperate to adequate, and a short “banquet” task worked reasonably well.

The day winner was Jim Lee in his Std Cirrus, with Ken Sorenson not far behind.  Bif Huss is the 2015 Senior Contest champion, with a solid victory over Bob Fletcher and Karl Striedieck.  Bif and wife Ceil drove about as far as anyone to get here; they leave with a nice trophy and a conviction that 3 days on the road headed east in March is a good plan.

Posted: 3/20/2015


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